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Ooooh, excitement excitement!

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I don't know what Stallman's been doing with his time lately (I'll bet it ain't taking a shower), but after an interminable 6-year delay GNU Emacs version 22.1 is released!

It's got loads of new features, like a TOOLBAR and the ability to drag and drop text!

John pauses to let you catch your breath

Okay, enough breathlessness. Best I can tell, Emacs is one of the following. . .

1. Not really a product unto itself so much as an experiment to see how many platforms something can run on, ala TANSTAAFL's JetLag game.

2. A test-suite for new C compilers.

3. A cute "look what I did" project that's written knowing that its user-base is now into single digits, kinda like those folks who write new games for the Atari 2600.

And I make these jokes without a moment's worry about offending Emacs zealots, mainly because there's no way this page will display under Lynx.
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You're just jealous because your editor does not have 800 command-line options including prefixes of -, +, and the dreaded, less cryptic as the - namespace was so screwed up with abbreviations, the -- option.

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