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Web web web... and something to show!

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Still no cool screenshots, but you can preview (EDIT: updated the url) the new web site! As you can see, I stuck with Drupal, as I liked it much better than Joomla. style is not final (and broken in places) and there's little content there, but I'm more or less happy with the structure and overall look now.

Opinions, please!

I still need to:

  • Tweak the style and colors

  • Find someone to draw a proper logo

  • Write lots and lots of content

  • Install Trac

Anyway, I should probably do some coding too, since I haven't programmed a line since I started working on the web site. Oh well, at least there's progress. [smile]

NOTE: I switched my web host just a day ago, so you might still end up at the old site. If you see a jelly fish, you are in the right place. [grin]
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