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Text rendering, part 3

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I implemented the texture atlas idea from my last entry, which got rid of the speed issues I was having. I also implemented top-down gradients and outlines. The outlines can have a gradient color and an arbitrary size. I render the outlines by jittering the glyph image in the four directions. This increases the number of primitives I have to render by four times, which has a slight effect on the frame rate, but I'm hoping to eventually get around to implementing vertex buffering of the text, which should solve that issue. The screenshot below looks a bit reminiscent of DOOM-style text to me.

I've started keeping a change log of my daily progress. Its nice to see exactly what I've done every day. Often its small things like fixing bugs and redesigning code.

My entry for MAGIC has been lagging. I think my idea, a 2D adventure game, is too much for a single week. I might do something else if I come up with any ideas.
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