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Predictable errors and no identity

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Propane Injector

And here you thought I had been ignoring it. Not bloody likely. I've been adding some functionality here and there and refactoring old classes. New stuff today:
  • Propane::Game2D::Actor is now in the game2d directory

  • Propane::Game2D::Game class added; it's pretty much a basic emulation of the Xna.Game class but with an internal actor manager and sprite manager.

Tower Smasher

My MAGIC entry is going OK. Car physics still suck, but the turret is a joy to steer and I managed to bang together some pretty user-interface elements which should distract people from the rest of my horrendous graphics engine.

Amazing Future News

I announced that I'll be working on Glow 2 (after Novarunner, of course) on my website this morning, and already I got some fan mail:

I've read on your website that your next project will be Glow 2. I've become increasingly giddy at the idea and now I'm just down right excited. I'm just glad you've submitted to the pressure of your fans ;-) (I know I've slipped a comment or two hah!)

How awesome is that? I haz fans!

Now I just have to make sure I don't let them down!
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Original post by ArchWizard
After Glow 2, you should make Glow Tactics.

And don't forget the prequel: "Glow Begins" (sounds better than "Glow 0", isn't it?)

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