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Lately I've been using Doxygen throughout all of my code. You might think it's a bit over the top or unnecessary to use a documentation generator for projects that are never going to involve more than yourself, but I have to say that if you dont use it - you should! I found that being able to browse through my code as HTML Documentation, is a great way to refresh my mind as to what I wrote one or two weeks ago (or perhaps even yesterday). Try It!

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Direct3D Rendering Counterpart

The OpenGL renderer that has been implemented now has a Direct3D counterpart. The whole system uses the Abstract Interfaces code that I posted the other day, basically the Direct3D and OpenGL renderers exist as derived classes of an IRenderer interface. I was a little concerned that both APIs wouldn't work neatly under the same interface, given that D3D is COM and GL is straight C. Things seem to have worked out okay though.

As a test of the new Direct3D renderer, I wrote a small texture blending app using HLSL (yep, the D3D interface implements shaders). The demo blends 3 textures (rock, sand, grass) using a single rgb alpha map.

I'm getting a little tired of worrying about graphics APIs lately, so I'm sure to start working on actual game code soon. But first I want to get some sort of Scene Graph up and running.

-- Oh and those example textures aren't mine. I found them while searching for examples of texture blending shaders. I believe they're from a book on terrain texture blending in DX9.
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