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Trapper Zoid


Huzzah for another journal view milestone passed with 50,000 views. I guess this means my journal is in the Silver Club or something.

The MAGIC contest seems to be going well, although I'm saddened by the news of Prozak's mother.

From what I see the games are starting to shape forth, although it's hard to know what will happen in the last couple of days. I know from Pierre and the Fish it wasn't until the weekend that things really fell into place.

My progress hasn't been as stellar with Tower of Cows as it was with Brixtar. Things haven't been flowing as smoothly, and I've been spending a fair bit of time playing Rome: Total War (My legions have conquered nearly all of Gaul, except there's this one pesky little village that's resisting the Roman invaders.). Still, I suspect I'll finish on time as the game is pretty simple.

Currently I've got a screen full of cows which you can pick up with the mouse. It's surpising how much you need to put in just to get the game that far. My prototype game engine is starting to crack at the seams though; it really needs a refactoring to clean it up and put in some better ideas I've had for the underlying architecture.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the "tower" part of the game done (and post a screenshot), and then on the weekend I can put in the final bits to make it challenging and polish up.

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