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Subversion issues and a new project

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I'm bailing on OpenSVN. I've been trying to commit a small change to many files and the connection simply drops erratically during the commit. I tried to commit small chunks of 10-30 files at a time and it still fails more than half the time. So I'm in the market for a new host, preferably free. I'm hoping will approve me, although it seems to be more focused on tool software which is a category I'm not sure PAGE fits into. However, I signed up anyway and I have to say, their Subversion server is blazing fast. I commited the whole repository, just over 1 MB, in a few seconds. Now I'm just waiting and hoping for approval...

I've started a new project with David Baumgart and his girlfriend, Laura. Its a standard space trading and exploration game where you pilot your ship through a densely populated universe. We've got a nice GUI, resource management, OpenGL-based 2D rendering, buggy normal-mapping, and a bunch of initial gameplay objects.

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