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Console Development...

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It's been a week since I've started at my new job. In that very short time I have learned how different console game dev is from PC game dev. Specifically, working with the DS. My time with the Wii has been pretty limited so far, and most of my efforts have concentrated on the DS.

It is much, much different. Efficiency is so important on such a limited platform. A good thing I suppose, it's just taking me a little bit of time to adjust. Working on games all day (and for a living) is turning out for the best, and I think I'm really going to enjoy it.

I'll be entering Trapper's MAGIC contest, albeit with a late start. I actually didn't even get started until last night, but it looks like I will be able to finish something decent. David, the artist for Gearo, is going to work with me so it should look ok as well =)

The general idea is that the game will be a vertical platformer, but you will be on the outside of the tower instead of the inside. In this regard, you will 'wind your way around' the outside of the tower, trying to get to the top. There is no ground level entrance into this mystical bastion of evil, hence the outside excursion. The rotating tower thing is basically a direct rip-off of an old atari [c64?] game called Nebulus.

Anyways, what awaits at the top of the tower is TBD. Probably on the 11th, right before the deadline.

Hopefully I'll get some screens up later tonight or tomorrow.
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