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space dust

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im looking for ideas about how to give the impression that the spaceship is travelling through space. in older games usually theres just white dots but nowadays with all the processing power available whats possible? what do ppl want to see?
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I want to see objects that are relatively far to go by slowly while only objects that are considerably close to go by quickly like in the movies. Perhaps have nebulas and planets and asteroids and debris, all the go by at different rates? If there is anything more than just some stars far far away, like how you mentioned, then there isnt much more than you could do than stars going by...thats how it would look :-p

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for space dust why not use a noise shader and randomly assign velocities and if you want various colors to them in the greyscale acceptable range... and you could have them streak on by the users ship? Just a thought.

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Falling Sky - im not to sure what u mean it seems as if your describing perspective distortion (which happens anyways)

Mars_999 - the problem with various velocities is it wont look right (unless the pertubation is very small)

ive experimented a bit more what i have now is a pseudo motionblur where the particles are elongated/stretched by the velocity of the camera, heres what im doing

VEC3 use_vel = ((ps->partList.begin()->vel * 0.95 ) + (cameras_last_movement_vector));

if ( LENGTHOFVECTOR( cameras_last_movement_vector ) > 1.1 )
SETVECTORTOLENGTH( use_vel, 1.1 ); // TODO can optimize truncate vector

.. p->vel = use_vel;

which seems to give a nice visual effect, of course the whole idea of having dust in space is bollux (space is empty thats why its called space!), cause a single grain would obliterate the spaceship on contact, but visually it looks better to have something to measure movement against.
ill keep this unless someone has a better idea

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