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Brief upturn on the rollercoaster

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[EDIT - Just found out about Prozac's bereavement, which puts my current problems in perspective. Wrote the below beforehand.]

Some good news. Found out I have two interviews for new jobs today. Like buses really. I've only actually applied for two jobs so far, so I guess that is quite a good success rate.

First up is a Recruitment Consultant, which is a job I've always wanted to do. Despite my constant attempts to be helpful on the forums here (back when I had more internet time) I'm actually a complete bastard in real life which would prepare me for this sort of work very well. Interview on Monday. Had a telephone interview with the director already and all seems good so far.

Second up, bizarrley and quite at odds with the last job, is as a Development Officer for a local charity. They want someone with a sales background since the bulk of the job is applying for funding which involves quite a lot of presentations to groups of people. Not so keen on this one, but the money is fantastic so worth a shot. Interview a week on Monday.

Basic strategy has been that since I have a month of paid employment in my current stupid role left to start out with very high standards about what I apply for and gradually drop my standards as the month progresses.

Quite pleased that while I'm still in the highest standards stage I've secured two interviews from two applications.

I can't ask you all to cross your fingers again since you'll probably get arthritis and sue me, but if you can spare a place in your collective heart for some hopeful thoughts for me, it would be, as ever, appreciated.

PS: Bit bored with the helicopter already. Oh, and still doing C# stuff, although not tonight since I'm drinking.
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