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It's Trophy Friday!

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Awright, some of you monkeys are all about winning trophies in my daily puzzles. I have good news. There are new trophies today. 22 of 'em to be exact.

The bad news is that you don't get to keep 'em.

You see, these new trophies are MOVING TROPHIES and they move around to the current winner. For example, if you've gotten the number-one score on Meltdown the most times, you win the coveted "Golden Radioactive Thingy Award". If, however, someone clocks more number ones than you, then the trophy is re-awarded to them.

So I currently have 22 trophies. 11 of 'em are for most number-ones. The other 11 are for playing the game the most times.

Some notes about these new trophies:

1. I only added the code that counts the number of plays and number-ones about ten days ago. So if you're a longtime player of somesuch game and you're dismayed to find that some noob has the most number-ones in it, I'm sorry. Not much I can really do about it. Time to win back your crown.

2. These awards are re-calculated and re-awarded when all of the daily tables are rebuilt (around 1 AM CST), so don't play something three times then check your trophy case in the hopes that an award suddenly moved.

3. No you don't know how many times you need to play/win something to get the award. While I do keep counts, I don't display 'em anywhere. These games are intended to be CASUAL, and if you're gonna frantically play something over and over to get an award, then you're missing the whole zen of the games :)

4. Ties are broken by seniority.

5. If your blog-reading software suddenly received three or four additional entries from the daily puzzle RSS feed this morning, then your software's not properly acting on the GUID for RSS entries. While the dates did indeed change for the feed items (while I was adding and testing the new code), the GUID did not. And good blog-reader programs should know that while they have new dates they are actually the same entry. Just FYI.

A good side-effect of keeping play-counts for each user is that I can re-order the "games you haven't played today" panel after you beat a game. Right now I put 'em in alphabetical order, but with a little PHP-fiddling I can now order that list so your favorite games are at the top.

Shelly's been asking for this feature for a while. I'll add it in soon.

Until then, hope you're enjoying the games! They're not big moneymakers for me, but they are fun. I still play all of 'em almost every day.
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