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About time

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Well I finally got my car to move around the terrain using terrain following. What a relief. So now the only thing left to do is rotate the model to look realistic vs. just moving up and down to match the terrain height. After that is finished onto making the car move to some kind of physics system... Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to move the car somewhat realistic like with a simple enough physics formula? I would like to have variables like rate of turn, acceleration, braking, ect... to be a part of the equation. I have no experience in this section as I haven't done any physics coding up till now. ;)

After that is all finished onto collision detection with the terrain and other objects and the map's edge.

So I am hoping to have something playable by summers end. If I can get some free time to actually do coding!!

Right now I am using a single normalmap for my terrains lighting calculations, someone mentioned that this is a bad idea? I was told by someone who has actually made commercial games to go this way. As far as I can tell it looks good, but I bet it would look better if each tile set had its own normalmap. What is everyones thoughts on this? Appreciate any input.
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