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My lack of aptitude

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Just did the online aptitude test for the recruitment job. Jesus, it was difficult.

I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, but my IT and data input skills are above average so I can only assume that the tests are designed to be very hard indeed to score 100% on.

Slight problem with the copy typing - I missed that I had to print off the script to copy type from before I started the test and it wouldn't let me go back, so I scored a big fat zero on that.

Oh well. They aren't employing me to type and I can actually touch type about 60 wpm so perhaps they'll let me resit it at the interview or something. Still a bit cross with myself.

Got the person spec through for the job this morning. Looks really interesting, although probably quite target driven and stressful. It is a bit intimidating to have an interview to work at a recruitment agency since they interview people for a living. Need to make sure I don't bullshit too much since I reckon they'll be very good at spotting it.

There was a sort of sums test in the thing I just did, and my first instinct was to reach for a calculator (I did this test at home). But then I thought that if I got 100% on that, they'd obviously know I'd used a calculator so I just muddled through and got a few wrong. They were pretty difficult.

Worst was 1/6*1/2. Being a programmer, I interpreted the /s as division rather than fractions and gave 0.1 as the answer instead of 1/12. Idiot.

Spelling was a nightmare, but again I thought that if I'd scored 100% they would have just assumed I'd cheated so I just muddled through that as well.

I think this test is just a standard one that anyone they try to put into normal agency work has to do so I hope that my results won't impact upon this job too badly. I interview quite well and I doubt that many people score higher than I did (again, sorry for the arrogance - this is just based on ten years experience in a variety of workplaces) so should be okay.

I really really want this job. Atmosphere at the current job is going from bad to worse at the moment but I've only got three weeks left so I can take it. Water off a ducks arse to me really but I'm concerned that the atmosphere is affecting some of the other employees a bit negatively.

Hey ho. Can't really worry too much really.

Just in case anyone has forgotten that I also actually write computer games sometimes, here's an old screenshot from Udo to brighten the post up a bit.

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