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Time is almost up

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Well, there is a little over twenty four hours left in the MAGIC competition now. I can tell you, I've learned a lot this week. Yesterday, I spent all day working on art resources. I even took work off. I kept getting side tracked though with modifying certain things, and I feel like I didn't really get a whole lot completed. I spent a lot of time( and will continue to do so) mapping textures in my now uncompleted editor. I'm tired of doing it manually and as such, as soon as the competition is over, before I get back to work on designing Wrath of the Scarecrow, I'll be adding scene management and saving and loading texture coordinates from the editor to the engine. Had I had this done before the contest, I could have saved a lot of time as mapping textures probably has taken up at least half of the time spent.

Even though I chopped down on my initial design plan, it was still too ambitious for a one week contest, at least for a week when I had my normal life going on too. I'm struggling now even to get the game into a one level demo. It's going to be pretty close if anything actually playable even comes out of it. I will be working on it all day today though and tomorrow until the deadline.

I've spent more time creating animations this past week then anything else because I wanted the game to look good. As such, I have not concentrated on game play elements what so ever. This isn't like me as usually I'm the complete opposite, but I've just been enjoying creating the character and animating him and playing with the engines sprite animation system. If nothing else I've learned a lot this past week about how not to do some things.

This week has been hectic. My apartments as mess, and I neglected some events (like a show some friends were playing) to work on this, I've maybe put 20 hours into it so far. It'll end up being 30 by the time it's all said and done.
I hope everyone else is doing better on their entry.
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