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Of Diversions.

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Dungeons and Delays

RavenKeep is still moving along towards the completion of Milestone One. No screenshots yet, but we're getting there. I'll be moving on to starting to implement the networking system underlying the game -- yes, it will have online co-op play -- tomorrow. Some might think this to be jumping the gun, but since it will be built directly into BaseCamp, it will be able to see future use in other games. *cough*

To draw attention away from this, I've packaged a couple of recent demos I wrote to hopefully amuse you. I know they were amusing to write. [smile]

Mandelbrot and His Set

I've always been fascinated by this. This extremely cool-looking graphic with insanely deep levels of detail, all created by a rather simple mathematical set. So, I set off one day to read up a little on 'ol Mandelbrot and implemented my own 'Mandelbrot Explorer' application. No significant optimizations are present, but it runs moderately well on today's hardware.

If you haven't checked out the Mandelbrot Set in any detail, I highly recommend you do -- it's very interesting. However, you may or may not wish to do so on a faster implementation. [smile]

  • Controls
    • Right/Down/Up/Left: Navigate in the 4 basic directions.
    • Page Up/Down: Scale in and out of the set.

  • Note: The screen will be initially blank -- hit a directional key to begin.

Download Mandel-Explorer

(You can't get THIS on networked television!)

More Raycasting

A while back I was playing with raycasting, which proved semi-successful. I managed to get some textured walls drawing, but floors/ceilings just would not work. Motivated once again, I set out to accomplish this noble undertaking. As I've been getting more and more into 3D graphics and the math behind it, I'm starting to understand how it all works better and better. The bottleneck now seems to be optimization. [smile]

Nothing fancy like collisions or the lot in this one either; it remains just a demo. But don't let that stop you from pretending there's a RoboGuard around the corner!

  • Controls
    • Right/Left: Turn left and right
    • Up/Down: Move forward and backwards

Download Raycaster v2.0


No Shirt, No Service

I'm breaking my no-screenshots vow by only 1%. This is only the template character who is mostly unshaded/unfinished, but he still looks wicked-cool. Wait till this shirtless knight wields a fearsome blade!

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Recommended Comments

Online co-op makes me very excited. I always wanted to make a 1-4 player dungeon brawler where you spend as much time smacking your friends across the wall to grab magical artifacts as you do stomping fantasy staples.

Crap, I still have to do the PPC port of Membrane Massacre.

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What language/API are you using for the raycaster? It just seems that the FPS is rather low. There also seems to be some floor texture alignment issues.

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Original post by Scet
What language/API are you using for the raycaster? It just seems that the FPS is rather low. There also seems to be some floor texture alignment issues.

I'm using C++ with Allegro for the raycaster, which I know to be quite fast. It's likely me, not the API. [smile]

As for the floor, I probably just need to introduce a small offset to compensate for the rounding that's going on.

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i am assuming ravenkeep is skirmish?? or is it a completely different thing?

i am sorry for my idiocy, if i missed something in an earlier post.

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