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OK, I'm out

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Can't finish my MAGIC entry; just too many problems with handling building destruction, AI and making a decent game.

Wish I had done something simpler, like a Tower Defense or Warlords/Rampart clone. That said, if there's no risk of failure, you're not pushing yourself hard enough. I think I've learned at least something from this experience, and I'll have to figure out what that is.

Ah well, I'll do better for 4E6.

Other stuff today: I started putting together the Glow II universe document. Backstory and stuff will be a hell of a lot more consistent and available if the player wants to get into it. One of the things I'd like to speak about later is the implant system. I've also got pages and pages of posts to make on the graphic engine and particularly clever optimizations I've made due to its unique perspective on life and peculiar requirements. However, that's all stuff for the future.

As for Novarunner, it's pretty much lain dormant since I started on the MAGIC entry. Stuff you can look forward to in the next few weeks:
  • Docking with space stations and trading
  • Systems being actually populated with ships (albeit a few of them might be stuck inside planets *cough*)
  • Simple AI ("go to point")
  • Might even get weapons firing. Would be lovely.
Now that I've gone back and thought about Novarunner more, the game is becoming more solid and likeable in my mind. I still don't know what the 'hook' will be, but I think a competently made game can make up for not having a particular 'hook' in the design process.
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Yeah, the time limit for a one week contest is a killer. If you don't hit a good idea quickly and hard then you run out of time (like I did).

Next time round I'll see if I can address that with the contest rules. Either I'll extend the contest for a fortnight, or add in some more restrictions to make it easier to get things done.

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Yeah. I'm sorry; I really wanted to get something nice in.

As it is, it's kind of nice if you ignore the complete lack of a game. I like the title screen that spits out random snarky messages.

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