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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my MAGIC entry: EXTREME TOWER RIDE 2007.

Now, I know I've written some pretty astounding games in the past for gdnet contests. There was the classic Pirate Burninator for one of the 3 hour contests. The critically acclaimed Wabbits written for 1W1B2. But this my friends is my magnum opus if you will. It tops them all. It has everything. Lasers. Kittens. A tower. And a motorcycle.
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Recommended Comments

<ArchWizard> I found another kitten! This game is awesome!
<ArchWizard> Only 86 kilometers to go
<thor> watch out for wrong turns mang
<ArchWizard> Oh fuck I rode 32 km in the wrong direction
<ArchWizard> This rocks

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