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Trouble in the Tower

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Here is my MAGIC entry, "Trouble in the Tower".

I was having trouble uploading my entry, with the FTP uploading a blank zip file and Hotmail being down. Luckily Trapper Zoid helped me get it all sorted out, so I got the game uploaded here.

The instructions are presented at the beginning of the game. The game is woefully unpolished, but their still fun to be had.

The game is made with XNA, so you're going to need that to run it.
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I was having trouble coming up with level ideas, so I just kindof spammed some of the levels with the spinners. Plus the boss is just a giant one of them.

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its a huge spinner guy...*Shivers* how i hate nice game and everything, but pretty difficult to kill those spinning guys.:D

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Yeah, I'm sorry for the big spinner enemy. I was just making the boss an hour and a half before the deadline, so I needed a boss battle quick.

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