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Writing and Building

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Little in the way of updates. The house is coming together, and with that the home theater, which is taking a bit of time right now :-)

I also have a bunch of writing to do, so my creative spirits go there rather than my project. At work, I'm presenting at a conference on June 25; on the side line, I'm on the hook for a chapter on networking authentication for Game Programming Gems 7.

Also, in the home theater is not one, but two consoles that support home-brew. I've revved up the good ol' XNA Game Studio Express (that I used to write a toy 3D physics engine last year), and poked at it a bit. It'll be interesting to see some demo run on the Xbox, see whether I've compensated enough for TV overscan, and all that. All of which is distracting me.

See this, boys: BAD EXAMPLE!
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