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Hardest job interview I've ever had today. Three-on-one and real trip-you-up, put-you-on-the-spot, take-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-see-if-you-crack sort of stuff.

Felt like I'd done about ten rounds with Tyson afterwards but I think it went okay. There's a second interview next week and I'll find out later this week whether I've survived this stage or not.

Thing is though that the harder they make it, the more it makes me want the job. Very good potential earnings, very good future prospects, very good training and qualification opportunities.

Need to forget all about it now and get on with applying for some other jobs.
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Strangest interview I heard about was a programmer I used to work with who went for the job as head of systems (or something like that) at Boots the Chemist (not sure they have a presence in the U.S). Apparently he was sat in a room with two interviewers and they did this good cop bad cop routine on him.

One would compliment him on his experience where the other would rip it apart trying to find holes. In the end he didn't take the job because the interview was so bizarre. Where do they get the ideas for trying this stuff?

Keep slogging away at the interviews job offers are also like buses :-)

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