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Imma closin' mah bugs

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Surprisingly productive day, Ravuyanauts.

Made some OK mileage on the Novarunner inventory system, which unfortunately doesn't have a view attached to it yet. I also sat down and profiled the thing in Shark, which revealed a strange bug in my terrible model rendering. I must switch this stuff over to VBOs post-haste.

Not a lot of other new stuff; I think after the inventory code is done I'll have to put on the UI and then get started handling equipment, firing requests and weapons management. Then there's all sorts of stuff to do after that.

I'm quite irritated there's been no real visible progress; nothing is more discouraging. The game needs a lot of work until it can be really nice looking, let alone playable.

I've also got some major concerns regarding the controllability of the damn thing and why my radar doesn't work when I'm flying upside down. 3D sucks!

I think the "dustfield" is on the way out, to be replaced with some neat "manga lines" effect that makes it look like you're going really fast.

Other stuff: Anyone want to take bets on .NET support (or at least an open project file format) in Xcode 3? No? Okay, I didn't think so.
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Word of the day: Ravuyanaut

Etymology: Ravuya- (particular kind of Canadian game geek), -naut (sailor)

Definition: Hey, whatever Ravuya wants to do in his spare time is none of our business

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