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I Be Bettar

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I got done being sick in time for the weekend, which saw me out of the house pretty much the entire time. So I spent all night tonight getting caught up on things, like article posting. I'm really disappointed with my OGDC coverage. I wanted to cover more sessions but I've had the most difficult time securing slide decks from presenters. I've even not heard back from the event organizer in regards to getting slide decks made available to you all. I have like 3 more sessions I have notes on but my notes are useless without the slides to reference. From now on I'm just going to stick with my method of shooting a pic of each slide - beats relying on other people.

Anyways now you all have two article updates in one day. So enjoy.

Oh and I've also decided to kill the HTML version of the newsletter - at least for the time being. For one thing it needs (Err... has needed) a face-lift so I need to get on that, and I also don't have time anymore to compile both versions by hand. Once I get the redesign finished and we have a means to generate the HTML, it will be back.

I think I had more to say but at this point all I can think about is going to bed, so I think I will.
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