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I finally got events back in and the way that I want them to be too (well, pretty much lol.) Now I need to figure out how to spawn them for weapon pickups and such. But first, I need to figure out how to get monsters spawning. The basic monsters are going to be warping on constantly (up to a max of course.) After I have these two things done, I'm releasing the new demo.

Monster spawning is in. Monsters are spawned randomly every second. At the moment it just does it continuously, but I plan on implementing a maximum count.

I'm not really sure how I want to do item spawning. Obviously I don't items to spawn too often (I think 1/10-15 monsters is a good idea.) But the problem comes in when I have to decide what item to spawn. I don't want to spawn a ton of health packs and no weapons or a ton of weapons and no health packs.

Actually, I'm thinking monsters won't even spawn weapons; only items. If they have a weapon, they'll drop that though.

I don't know; I'll think about it while I'm at work.
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