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OMG! Pac Man CE!!!

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The MAGIC competition was alot of fun, and I was suprised at how much I was able to create in a week. I was very impressed with some of the other entries. I would have to say my favorite entry was Endurion's (dukeatriedes076 gets a thumbs up, ofcourse). My entry was fun to work on, although I don't feel like working on it anymore.

So now that I'm done working on my MAGIC entry, I'll go back to finishing Blocky Man. Blocky Man still has some ways to go, but it's progressing.

I've also decided to take on a side project, so I can get more practice with XNA. The work for Blocky Man will be kindof dull at this point, so I want to have something else to work on in addition. This will be nothing massive, just a simple arcade game.

My current concept is based off of the X-Men character Juggernaut. Basically, Juggernaut is muscle bound, armor clad, and nigh invincible, especially while running.

My game idea is titled "Super Angry Man", about a massive, ill tempered super hero with powers of invincibility. The gameplay would revolve around the player controlling "Super Angry Man", who is always running and charging. The player can change the direction he is going, but can't stop him from running. Anything he runs into is instantly destroyed, and ofcourse you gain points the more baddies you destroy. The game would give the player a set amount of time where they would have to basically just Angry Smash as much as possible.

One difficulty of the game would be the "Rage meter". Angry Man simply becomes more angry unless he destroys something. A rage meter would gradually fill up on screen, only decreasing when Angry Man destroys something. If it gets full, Angry Man will throw a temper tantrum and won't run, losing the player valuable seconds which could be used for getting points.

I'm still coming up with ideas, but I think it seems like a fun idea so far.

If you own an Xbox 360, and our connected to Xbox Live, I would highly recommend picking up Pac-Man Championship Edition. It's a new Pac-Man game designed by the original creator, and I dare say it is better than the original. It's addictive in a way I haven't seen since Geometry Wars.
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