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3d engine

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Orbital Fan


I've had a slight change in direction for this project. I *was* going to 1st create a 3d engine and then make a game from that, but I do think this will take too much damn time. There's plenty of engines out there and the reason I chose not to use them was because I wanted to learn and I've never been satisfied with any of them. The engine I was planning on was to be quite generic, in that it could handle any game type (fps, racer, flight-sim, etc). Thinking about this some more, it does start to be a bit too ambitious.

So now I'm going to concentrate on the game a bit more, writing generic code where possible that will go into a "game library" for future use. At the end of the day it will be more interesting to work on i think.

The game is to be a 3rd person action fantasy game. I have quite a few unique ideas about how the animation and combat will work. I'm not planning on doing the artwork myself.

Of course, this is all thinking into the future, as presently I have to get the groundwork laid.

==Progress update==
- Finished Lua script helper class. Makes it easier to deal with the Lua API.
- Lua scripts are processed in the builder command line tool. Uses luac to check for errors.
- Lua scripts now loading at runtime
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