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Got tutorial beacons added to the system XML file. This'll be sort of useful, I guess.

Other than that, not much. I'm going to need to trim down some of my tasks to make sure I can do them. Right now they are large and imposing and scary and I'm not very motivated to complete them and advance the game.

Of a particular annoyance right now is how much my ship rolls when you are trying to pitch and yaw at the same time. I find it quickly makes the game impossible to steer and are wondering how other games solve it... though I am also starting to suspect other games do not use quaternions for spaceship rotation.

The radar's suckitude is, of course, directly related to my issues. It seems I'll have to refactor it based on my ship's direction vector rather than the Euler Z-angle I hacked out of the rotation quaternion.

Wonder if I could just "blank out" the roll component when using the elevators and rudder. Hmmm...

ApochPIQ is trying to help me with my starfield; already I see that I have done some things right and a lot of other things wrong. It's starting to look like it's also revealed a large bug in my star field generation code... expect to have the starfield fixed and "screen rumble" implemented later.

I'm going to get docking working, then I can release a very first pre-release version so you can all see it and suggest how controls would be better. As a bonus, it'll help make sure my code still works on Windows.

Speaking of Microsoft...


I've been trying to get the latest version of Tao working under Mac OS X. It looks like a lot of the OS X support was broken, so it's a bit of an effort trying to get everything the way I want it.

I do, however, have a C# SDL game up and running on OS X... just in time for me to practice my miniature-Mono bundling. [smile] I discovered a cool tool in the OS X Mono installation which actually will let me combine my assembly and the Mono runtime; this cleans up my miniature Mono concept quite a bit and prevents me from having to worry too much about redistribution.
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