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Well what an adventure today has been.

First of all it was way to hot to do anything so I just stayed in bed till 10 and then spent the rest of the morning reading (The Sicons of Shannara - great book). When it had cooled down a bit I risked turing my computer on and just sat there blankley thinking about what I could do. So eventually I came to the decision of doing more to my engine and doing somthing that I have really wanted to do for a long time - Adding Scripting.

The first question, 'What scripting language should I use?'. Well to tell the truth it took all of 0.2 seconds to think about that and I decided upon 'Squirrel' over 'Lua' because 'Lua' makes me want to die every time I look at how disgusting it is. Anyway after a bit of looking (google) I found the download (sqplus) and started just trying to get it working. Well after much hair pulling I finally figured out how to do stuff with it and have now just been playing around with making the library functions visiable to a script - and it is sooo cool.

As things stand an example script looks like this:

local running = true;

while (running == true)

running = UpdateSystem();


DrawRect(MouseX(), MouseY(), 10, 10);


if (KeyDown(27) == true)
running = false;

Which is exctally the same as for the hardcoded c++ version, cept you dont have to declare types(bool for 'running').

Basically the above code draws a white box at the mouse position.

The C++ Complimenting code is below (it is just test code - im probaly going to create a full sq version of the engine):


Fallen Smash Bash

A game written using the Fallen Engine

Basic clone of breakout



Fallen Engine - Test Project

Written by Stefan J Lulham


// System includes


#pragma comment (lib ,"squirrel.lib")
#pragma comment (lib ,"sqdbglib.lib")
#pragma comment (lib ,"sqstdlib.lib")
#pragma comment (lib ,"sqplus.lib")

// Library includes
#include "../Fallen Engine/system.h"
#include "../Fallen Engine/graphics.h"
#include "../Fallen Engine/input.h"
#include "../Fallen Engine/resource_manager.h"

// Game includes
#include "game.h"

// Usee some library's
using namespace Fallen::System;
using namespace Fallen::Graphics;
using namespace Fallen::Input;
using namespace Fallen::ResourceManager;

using namespace std;

using namespace SqPlus;

Key ToFallenKey(SQInteger k)
case 27:
return KEY_ESCAPE;

SQInteger s_DrawRect(HSQUIRRELVM v)
SQFloat x, y, w, h;
sq_getfloat(v, 2, &x);
sq_getfloat(v, 3, &y);
sq_getfloat(v, 4, &w);
sq_getfloat(v, 5, &h);
CGraphics::DrawRect(x, y, w, h);
return 0;

SQInteger s_SetDrawColor(HSQUIRRELVM v)
SQFloat r, g, b;
sq_getfloat(v, 2, &r);
sq_getfloat(v, 3, &g);
sq_getfloat(v, 4, &b);
CGraphics::SetDrawColor(r, g, b);
return 0;

SQInteger s_MouseX(HSQUIRRELVM v)
sq_pushfloat(v, SQFloat(CInput::MouseX()));
return 1;

SQInteger s_MouseY(HSQUIRRELVM v)
sq_pushfloat(v, SQFloat(CInput::MouseY()));
return 1;

SQInteger s_KeyDown(HSQUIRRELVM v)
SQInteger k;
sq_getinteger(v, 2, &k);
sq_pushbool(v, (SQBool)CInput::KeyDown(ToFallenKey(k)));
return 1;

SQInteger s_Cls(HSQUIRRELVM v)
return 0;

SQInteger s_Flip(HSQUIRRELVM v)
return 0;

SQInteger s_UpdateInput(HSQUIRRELVM v)
return 0;

SQInteger s_UpdateSystem(HSQUIRRELVM v)
sq_pushbool(v, (SQBool)CSystem::Update());
return 1;

SQRESULT register_functions(HSQUIRRELVM v)
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_DrawRect, _SC("DrawRect"), _SC("*"));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_SetDrawColor, _SC("SetDrawColor"), _SC("*"));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_MouseX, _SC("MouseX"), _SC(""));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_MouseY, _SC("MouseY"), _SC(""));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_Flip, _SC("Flip"), _SC(""));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_Cls, _SC("Cls"), _SC(""));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_UpdateInput, _SC("UpdateInput"), _SC(""));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_KeyDown, _SC("KeyDown"), _SC("*"));
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(s_UpdateSystem, _SC("UpdateSystem"), _SC(""));
return SQ_OK;

int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow)
Game* game = new Game();


delete game;*/

// Load modules

// Set the interfaces

// Setup the graphics context
CGraphics::CreateContext("Fallen Smash Bash", 800, 600, 32, false);
CGraphics::SetMaskColor(255, 0, 255);
CGraphics::SetHandle(0, 0);

bool running = true;

SquirrelObject test;
test = SquirrelVM::CompileScript("script.nut");

//while (running == true)
//running = CSystem::Update();



//CGraphics::DrawRect(100, 100, 100, 100);


//if (CInput::KeyPressed(KEY_ESCAPE))
// running = false;





Oh I also got a really SUPER COOL book the other day that cost about GBP100 -`Character Modeling 2 - /Ballistic/ book number '0145'` It came with a certificate and four prints of some of the works found inside.

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Recommended Comments

But how does Squirrel work for functors? One of the big reasons I'm using Lua is how nice LuaPlus is for functors.

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Im not sure about luaplus , but in sqplus you basicaly have something like the following:

SQInteger foo(HSQUIRRELVM v) // SQ Function
float blob;
sq_getfloat(v, 2, &blob); // Get one argument (2 - Is the offset so to get next argument use 3, 4, etc
// Call a function or somthing
sq_pushbool(v, (SQBool)true); // push a return value
return 1; // The function returns a value (0 if it doesnt)

// Register the function
// Use createFunctionGlobal to add it to the global table
// arg1: SQFunction (above)
// arg2: Script function name
// arg3: Argument mask (user '*' for any data type)
SquirrelVM::CreateFunctionGlobal(foo, _SC("Foo"), _SC("*"));

Im still lerning my self ;) (I only got it working tonight and it took some figuring out)

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Re- functors/closures and script access: SqPlus was derived from LuaPlus and extended for Squirrel. See testSqPlus2.cpp in the SqPlus package: More info here:

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