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nvidia driver problem

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ive complained about this some months ago (prolly a year ago + its still existing in new nvidia drivers)
anyways when i turn on the computer i cant use it for about 5 minutes cause i get the above messages, which just keep on spawning + spawning. (they also happen in a middle of a game after ~10minutes, but as i havent played a game in over 6 months im not sure if this is still the case)

(this happens with 2 different nvidia graphics cards), also 2 different 400+ watt PSUs
i believe its a mainboard problem, anyways it doesnt appear to be to bad, just an inconvenience.

is there some way i can disable this warning?

what i do is just hold down the enter button (which is the same as clicking away the messages) the problem is this only kills about 200 of the windows, before i assume the windows key buffer is full (which requires me to lift my finger off + repress it), if i can increase this buffer to say 10,000 i can then turn on the computer + then stick a book on the enter button + go away for 5 minutes.
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