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Further down the rabbit hole

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It's weird but I've always wanted to get into more of the advanced C++ stuff on the job. For the last several years I've been doing mainly alot of .NET C# and JAVA stuff so it's been awhile for C++. Dont get me wrong, doing hobbist type work such as gamedev was always with C++ but I could slack off to a degree and not have to push it language wise.

Well...after being exposed to some of the type of coding that I need to become more intimate with. There was a rude awakening that I better get up to speed rather quickly.

So the first order of business is just to get my head wrapped around templates first then move on to STL. Once I've started to tackle these subjects in depth then I'll be moving more towards metaprogramming. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The cool part is that I'm looking forward to see how this helps me gamedevelopment wise...should be interesting.

Below are two books I've ordered to get started. There are also a couple of more in the queue ready to be ordered once these are finished.

Book Two

I actually have a better STL book but it assumes sound template knowledge. This is supposed to be "the" book. So let's see how this goes.

Book Two
From the reviews I've read how could I pass this up?

Next up ...

Book Three

Based on what I've read and have been told you need to have solid STL foundation along with templates to actually get anything out this series of books.
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C++ Templates is indeed a very good book covering everything you never thought you'd want to know about them and then some.

The Boost and Beyond book definitely requires that knowledge as a prerequist; infact I got this first, got a few pages in, realised I didn't know wtf they were on about and spent the next 6 months reading plenty of other C++ books (including the aforementioned C++ Templates one) in order to get up to speed to understand it, heh

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I'm very interested in the latter 2 of those books, but haven't ordered them yet, because that would cost money. Be sure to let us know how you like them, and if they're worth the investment!

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@phantom - Thanks for the heads up. I actually almost bought the Boost book first as well. Kinda glad I spent some time reading through all the reviews. I'm just hoping that the STL book along with the templates book will be enough to get me through.

@Driv3MeFar - Hey not a problem, I'll be sure to give my opinion on these last two for sure as I work my way through them.

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