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Forgive the lateness of my reply. . .

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Sorry to leave you all hanging like that. Here's a quick update of all hanging threads below. . .

  • Jury duty was a non-starter. This time I was chosen to be part of a large pool of "morning alternates" and I was headed home with my $6 check by noon.
  • We still own the house. HUD couldn't get their shite together by the time we told them we'd be leaving for vacation. Hopefully this week. -- And no, I don't know why HUD must be involved since they just sell houses that've been foreclosed on. The buyers are getting an FHA loan (a program for first-time buyers to buy starter-homes), so HUD's gotta get their thumbs in the pie for sime reason.
  • Just got back from a week-long trip up to Michigan and Illinois for a family wedding. Had a really good time seeing relatives, but doing the Texas-Michigan drive twice in a week was absolutely brutal. We're flying next time.
  • I haven't returned to work yet, so I'll see if there are any bugs in The Game That's Name Cannot Be Spoken when I get there.
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