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I was going to write a nice vitriolic splurt about misogyny, antisocial behaviour, and general dickheadedness in the technical world.

But just read this instead.

I might still summon forth a Mighty Rant of Apochian Wrath... if I can think of anything that that article hasn't already said very well.
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My "bozo bit" is permanently flipped when dealing with members of the Perl militia, mostly because what this article describes is pretty much what the public sees when they look into Perl.

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A lot of communities seem that way: Perl, PHP, Java, Python to an extent... I think even Ruby would be like that if they weren't so busy resembling creepy guys offering kids candy from the back of his van.

Maybe I have something to say about this after all... but it'll have to wait, work is el loco right now.

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