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Side step.

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Ok so on my way of making my game I have to get allegro down. Well its just not going to work with out practice. So Im stoping Eight for a week or two to work on a simple "Falling Blocks" Game :P

Currently in between the stupidy of my job and what little fun I get at home im carving out my strucs for my blocks right now. In alittle while i'll start work on getting them animated into the game, and go from there.

So with this little one to two week diverson i hope I'll gain more insight into allegro and put what I've learned about it so far.

Sketchy Ideas for my block struc Include:

int x;
int y;
int center[2];
int edgeA[edgeAPixelLength];
int edgeB[edgeBPixelLength];
int edgeC[edgeCixelLength];
int edgeD[edgeDPixelLength];

Will have more after, more thought of course!


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