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Upcoming beta

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We are gearing up to send out a 3 level demo, representing the shareware version of the game to a few select people.

The intro level, pictured last time works, and with less man-boobs.

So, you choose your character, then you start the digsite level as him, and can progress through the game. I made dying on the digsite level just fade your dude back in a bit further back in the level, rather than make you go to the spaceship ( which you haven't found yet ). Before, I was making you restart the game when dying on the digsite level. It's really hard to die on that level, but I didn't want to frustrate anyone who did.

Once past the digsite, you get the space ship, can check out the skills, weapons, crystals, cloning and med stations, and can go to the next level, where you find out about the 3rd level. We wanted to keep the first 3 levels fairly linear, but later on, you will discover names of levels before learning their location, and some ordering will be optional.

I added per-level damage factors for each level, so we can tune them without throwing the others out of whack. This really helps on the first couple levels.

The main thing I am trying to keep in mind is that only some percentage of people who complete the first 3 levels will register the game to get the rest, so everyone who can't complete them is a lost potential customer, so we really want it not too hard.

Here is a partial list of fixes done recently to the Mountain Temple Level.

Temple Level

make sure sunlight has bf shadows on in temple
fix front of walkway to be flat
fix complex door to not have an 'on_closed' trigger
fix spiked ball to be of type 'trap'
fix funny tri just on left of symbol entrance near water
add on_scan to trigger
fix wierd tri in 1st water sybmol
redo keys to get names right
fix decal orientation
fix on_scan of symbol
fix tri underwater near symbol
add a symbol near the start
add light near basement area symbol
add start trigger near start
change statues to llithish
fix door width in ne to be wider
fix music & ambient sounds
save game or long time, or ...?
fix symbols
give boulders good bounce sound
temove stealth crystal
add more ambient wind sound
add point lights to decals to make them show up
bring 1st guy down to your level from ledge
change spike subtype to 'spikes'
fix boulders so they fall
fix exit ship trigger option
fix list_add on trigger_exe
fix mising spikes
fix stealth crystal & move it
fix tris under bridge
increase sound distance
make enemies easier
make enemy near outdoor bridge
more bad guys in upper area
replace cultists w/ lizards
test moat damage

Here is a shot of a prototype level where there is a battle between the Lhithish and the Aakash alien races.

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