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I've gotten a lot of work done today, too bad all of it was on my website lol. And I'll still probably end up buying a template or something. I've found one that I really like, I just need to save my extra money for the movies this weekend.

I've decided that monsters won't spawn anything. Items and weapons will be hard-coded on the ground and there will be containers that randomly generate items spread all over the place (trash cans, cabinets, etc.) There will also be specific places to find things (shotgun on the gun rack, health packs in the first aid cabinet, etc.)

I'm going to get some work done and I'll upload the new demo just before I go to bed.

-edit before actually posting-
I haven't gotten anything done. Yesterday we were on our way to wal-mart and my car just up and died, so I had to deal with fixing that today (I'm not sure if I have it fixed yet. It drove like 25 miles yesterday before it just up and died in less than a minute.) Now, I'm getting in the shower and then I'll be doing some work on Invasion.
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