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Onwards and Upwards...

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So, one of my classes this semester is a project-based class using C# and XNA. My team is making a remake of whatever that tank game is for the Wii where bullets bounce off the walls and stuff. I'm in charge of the map editor and (if time permits) networking code.

Since there is roughly a month of school left, I figured I should get started on that editor [lol]. Since I don't know much about Windows forms, I'm thinking about using wxWidgets.NET (we use wxWidgets at work, and I love it). So, my task for today is to get wx.NET compiled and set up in my project. And, you know, figure out how to program in C#. But that last one isn't really important.

Edit: Okay, well getting wx.Net up and running took about 4 minutes. C# is awsome [grin]. Maybe I'll actually have some progress made by the end of the day.
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