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Why must I suck so bad at engine design? I think about things and I do them and they're good, but then I realize that I didn't think about something so I go back and redo it, and the new thing is good, but now the old thing is bad.

Long story short, I totally fucked my map design because I didn't take into account depth (like walls being y-sorted with the character.)

And I'm passing a font to my map's Render method. This is obviously a problem since not one of you could probably name the reason why (and no, it's not for debug purposes.)

Cabinets are in...kind of. I've got them setup, but I don't really like how I've done it. I keep trying to generalize too much. I implemented cabinets as events, which obviously doesn't work how I want it to.

And a problem I noticed from the start - my game requires too many files. I'm clustering as many as I can, but still this simple little demo is using 27 files (and that's not including audio or the GUI skin.) This ties in with the generalizing problem.

Anyway, here's a screenshot of my progress:

I've changed the shadows since I took this screenie. Before I was offsetting the top of the sprite by 'width * 1.25f' to get the skewing, but (as you can see with the handgun pickup) it messes up with short sprites. Now I'm offsetting by the sprites height and it looks great (except with my current character sprites, but that's only because they're gay and have like 6px worth of blank space below the character's feet.)

I've never wanted to switch to 3D so bad before. I'm getting sick of trying to mimic 3D in 2D.
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