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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Not much time to write this entry, but Mark drew up some cool stuff that I implemented today, and I just had to show it off...

These were Mark's first attempts at making humanoid enemies, and I think it turned out really well. I implemented them as being terrified creatures that run in random directions from the player, creating a scene of mayhem when there are lots of them in a room. They don't hurt the player (yet...) they just run around and absorb bullets. Mark also arted up a sweet death animation, which looks freaking awesome in motion, so hopefully we'll have a demo out soon. Anyways, in the screeny below you can see a bunch of.... sleeping.... scientists and rats which the player has dutifully exterminated:

Thats about all I have time to write about right now, as always comments are welcome! Peace Out!
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Recommended Comments

Looks totally awsome. :D

It'd be cool if once you have shot a scientist some of them fall to the ground and start trying to crawl away leaving a trail of blood. ;)

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Thanks for all the comments!

@diablo_tk - There are going to be varying death animations, and one of them might be something along those lines[wink]

@Ravuya - Seconded.

@Dragon88 - They look like the player, only without armor, I'll post a screeny in my entry tonight.

@Jotaf - Mark already saw the error, and kicked himself in the balls over it[wink]

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