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Lightmap love

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I have been compressing textures lately. It is not fun, but needed to reduce the d/l size and also to reduce our in-game texture footprint.

I may look into compressing the lightmaps a bit, I already reduced the rez on two levels, and it helps a bit, but there are still way too much tex mem used right now.

I'm using a A8R8G8B8 for the main lightmap, but I really only need A8L8, which is not supported on all cards. For other lightmaps, I am just using L8.

Come to think of it, maybe I should break out the occlusion term into its own L8 texture, and then make the sunlight texture optional...

I also have to go through and add texture purging code in between levels.

Today I simplified the item list system, by adding a shorthand for just giving a dude a single weapon ( the most common case ), but you can alternately list one or more item lists for the game to select randomly every time that dude is spawned.

I also tackled a potential issue with auto-save points conflicting between levels by making separate facets for each level to save the last save trigger name you went into.

I need to update the Journal code today, and change the hints so they semi-pause the game, or at least aren't modal.

I made some water fixes yesterday, and tracked down some UI bugs.

I'm feeling pretty good about what we have so far. The first two levels are pretty well put together right now, and the 3rd is fun and playable, if far from in a polished state.

Here is a shot where I took over a bat-guy in game, and my player started attacking me.

Another shot of Less ManBoobs(tm).

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