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I invite everyone to check out our latest featured article, An Overview to Game Development by Nathan Madsen. Please do give it a read and post your comments! Everyone's views on the industry are subjective and although Nathan has many years of experience backing him up, he hasn't seen it all or done it all. Everything in that article is rock-solid truth that should be taken to heart, but there are still other views that people may see. If there's anything in the article you disagree with or would like to expand upon with some experience of your own, please do so!! We have the ability to comment articles for a reason, and that reason is to further enrich the content of the article itself through debate and additional anecdotes.

So while I'd love some comments on my journal, I actually care more if you'd head over and post some feedback on our recent (and future) articles. Remember - this is a community and a community must interact to achieve the full benefit of being surrounded by so many peers.

Have at it! (and happy Father's Day to all the dads out there)
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