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Current Projects

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As an introduction I think it best to mention my current projects.

- Spirit Engine.
This is the framework I'll be using for future projects. It's starting to come together pretty nicely at the moment.
The engine allows me to load the usual files (.TGA, .3DS) and supports resource counting on resources to prevent them from being loaded twice.
The renderer is OpenGL based, but somewhat abstracted. It uses a material based approach which allow me to easily add and change materials.
The guts of the engine are provided by a custom messagequeue, which runs everything.
Network functionality is still being designed, but will be added at some point.
The platform is currently Windows only, but I plan on porting to Linux, once I have a little more experience with programming in Linux.

- GUI for Spirit Engine
This has my focus at the moment. I'm writing a complete windowing toolkit within OpenGL for use with my engine. This should allow me to create tools within the engine very easily. Also, tools will become available on all platforms at the same time, which is obviously a tremendous plus. In addition to this, the gui should be 'skinnable', such that the same toolkit can be used in-game. By using the visitor design pattern, I've been able to keep the rendering code for the gui in a single file, and by inheriting from this base gui-renderer, I can very easily change the entire appearence of the gui. This works very nicely.

- Brew OpenGL ES contest
Still in the beginning stages, but hopefully work on this will pickup soon.

- Outersphere
This is the game that I started to write the Spirit Engine for, but due to it's networking requirements, it might be delayed. I'll talk more about this in another entry.

That's most of them. Of course under the heading Spirit Engine I can do pretty much any kind of development (custom modelformat, sky rendering, etc)
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