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Software Rasterizer is on hold

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Jason Z


Software Rasterizer On Hold
I pretty much have hit a limit with optimization on the rasterizer. I made quite a few improvements with respect to memory access, redundant function calls, and overall program flow. The net result, when rendering a single bilinear filtered textured triangle at 640x480 is approximately 22-24 fps when the triangle covers approximately 1/3 of the screen. VTune tells me that my latest hotspot is the bilinear sample function, and there is not a whole lot going on in there other than looking up some memory and combining it all together.

I would like to eventually perform some SSE2 optimizations, in particular on the rasterizer. This would be my first venture into such a beast, and would be a great learning experience. I have wanted to add some form of SIMD support to my vector/matrix operations for a while now anyways.

However, the software rendering project is going to be ramping down. I have a couple other projects that I have been kicking around in my head that are just about ready to start, and my free time is very limited right now. I should get some news in the next couple days regarding a couple of proposals that I submitted last month, so my free time schedule is going to be either completely empty or a little more open in the coming days.

I still haven't decided if I will attempt to write a software rendering article or not. It would be fun I'm sure, but I don't know if I can add enough material to make it worth while. We'll have to see how that goes - usually if I am going to write it, inspiration will strike me and I'll just start writing. We'll see how it all works out...
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You can do better than that. Mine runs faster than that.

Somehow, I got the impression that you're re-calculating the pixel pointer for every pixel you draw. Don't!

Forget about filtering your textures, it's just too damn much of a performance hit.

Switch to affine texture mapping when the triangle has a constant z.

Map the texture in little affine chunks.

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Shame to hear it's on hold, but so long as it doesn't transition to 'cancelled' [wink]

I'd of thought the optimization side of things would be facinating - if I actually knew what this thing called "spare time" was then I'd be all over it. There can only be a few classes of relevant applications that tax the entire machine like a software rasterizer does - highly complex, high arithmetic, high bandwidth, massively parallel and almost perfectly suited to SIMD extensions [grin]

But anyway, best of luck with your proposals!


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