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Another interview today. Not as hard as the last one, although this was a four person panel this time. I think it went quite well but, as always, it depends who else applied so wouldn't want to guess my chances. Very keen on the job though so fingers crossed.

Got told I had to take a day off today since there wasn't any work to do. Crap use of your holiday, huh? Used it quite productively though - went and signed on with one of the local agencies. They only seem to have fairly crap temp work at the moment but I've told them I'm available for an immediate start. I'd rather go temp somewhere else until a proper job comes up than stay where I am for another fortnight.

Just got to keep plugging away. It's the waiting to hear that kills me. Haven't been able to relax enough to do any programming since all this kicked off.

I have dug out GTA3 though and am quite enjoying mowing down pedestrians at the moment. The old games are definately the best.
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