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Evil Steve


Well, it's been a few days since an update so here goes...

All forms registration are 95% complete. There's no activation, E-mail activation, admin activation, and registration disabled. All work fine, although Admin activation posts a moderator alert, but the moderator control panel isn't complete enough to actually activate a user.
I also still need to get IP registration ban control (Disallow some users from registering, but let them view the forums), and disallowed usernames working. There's also no fancy stuff in profiles like occupation, location or anything.

User login works fine, so does my session code, my auto-login (Store user ID and password hash in a cookie), logout and password reset system.

You can't actually view any forums yet, but you can view the index page, which lists all categories and forums in the correct way.

The moderator control pannel is usable (And only by logged in moderators), but there's only access to the user groups page.
User groups are now 100% complete (Just finished with it). Moderators can create, delete and edit groups (Just group name, group moderator and description), and add and remove users to/from a user group.

User groups will be used to control access to forums, which I'll be doing next. I want to say "the following user groups can view the forum", "the following user groups can post in the forum", and "the following user groups can moderate the forum" for each forum. Mainly because I don't want my test forum overrun by spammers before I've finished testing it, and I want to move my friends over to it ASAP, and we like to have a forum that can only be seen by people we know well (So people can feel comfortable posting phone numbers, addresses, plans, etc).

All in all, I should have a basic working forum (With no styles, just my really simple one) in about a week or 2 hopefully...

Bed for me now.
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