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Load, load, load your boat

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More work on the amazing task that is serialization. I had to make a major ugly hack to get around a bug that my crappy design had caused, and I'm not quite sure how I could've done it otherwise.

Outside of that depressing news, actor spawning is working, although it automatically asserts because I haven't implemented the loading functionality quite yet for actors. All the pieces are in place, however, and I should be able to bang that down tomorrow night or the night afterward.

The new office is quite a bit more of a commute; I'm spending almost an hour more on the rails and on the road to get where I'm going. However, the new office is also much nicer, much quieter and better lit. Already I'm feeling much more productive and I've cleaned out some nasty bugs from my work stuff (the experience from such I hope to implement in a future game engine).

I've also, unsurprisingly, been thinking about what's next for Novarunner after simple actor spawning. I don't want to let the cart get ahead of the horse here, but I certainly want to get weapons firing so you can at least start shooting these (dumb) actors.

And having a function in my Quaternion class for "look at" wouldn't be too bad, either. I'll have to look up the math on that one. I think I somehow have to make a rotation matrix out of the eye, up and look vectors and then make a quaternion out of the rotation matrix (which I don't have code for yet). But that's boring math shit, and you came here for screenshots. Since Novarunner is currently violently asserting on load, here's a screenshot of something entirely different:

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