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Reviewing Assembly

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Jason Z


Re-learning Assembly
In the spirit of eventually using SSE optimizations, I have started reviewing x86 assembly. There are a couple of decent articles here on gamedev.net, and I also have a hardcover book that I bought about 5 years ago and never really dug in. I have done some work with Motorola (Freescale now) Assembly, but that was long ago so it may take a little while to get x86 straight in my head. It should be fun learning anyways.

These SSE optimizations will initially be used on my vector/matrix classes, but will eventually be used to speed up the rasterizer. I think there is enough speed increase available from SSE to speed up a fully bilinear filtered textured rendering. I have seen several tutorials where the affine mapping between perspectively interpolated points on a scanline are used, and the quality looks just fine. However, I want to use that as a last resort - I would rather perform any optimizations that I can and then later on drop down to a coarse interpolation method.

Of course, who knows how long it will be until I hit that barrier...
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