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And another rejection

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Didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday. Apparently gave a strong interview but the job went to a candidate with better experience.

All very character building, I'm sure.

People keep telling me that everything happens for a reason. I agree. Unfortunatley, the reason appears to be "Because it will really piss Paul off".

I'll be back in the factories at this rate.
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Meh - that's a bad news. But don't loose confidence into yourself: I'm pretty sure you'll find something that suits you. You just have to not give up :)

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Yeah, thanks for the encouragment. Certainly not giving up. Got another few irons in the fire at the moment so just have to keep the faith.

I will do some programming soon. I will. Quite glad I've put the Udo animation at the top of my journal. Every time I see it it makes me want to get back on with stuff again.

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