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When I say 'headaches' I refer to both technology and literal ones.

Having put it off for a while due to various issues I finally sat down last week to fix a problem someone was having with TGTL and VS.Net. Once he detailed me the problem I suspected that the VS05 working copy and VS.Net build enviroments had become unsynced; the library underwent a restructuring for the recent versions.

In order to fix this I was going to install VS.Net on my WinXP x64 install; however the thing has practically self destructed so in the end I settled for a a VM running WinXP SP2 thanks to an MSDNAA licence key I had. But, for this I was going to need more than the couple of gig I had free on my documents drive, so I set about sorting out files, deleting duplicates and generally shunting things about.

The first fun thing I discovered was that Freecom had release drivers for their Classic Network Drive for Vista x64. One quick install later and everthing appeared to work well, the drive mounted and I copied some files off. This dilusion of working lasted about as long as it took me to copy a second lot of files at which point Vista bluescreened *sigh* It's completely reproduceable so, when I feel like crashing my machine again I'll do so to give them a decent bug report. (It'll even bluescreen with the drive mounted and no other activity... which was... intresting. I guess the problem is somewhere in their custom network code or some such).

The jiggling continued, at which point one of my hard drives started to act strange; long story short my 500gig drive is effectively toasted. On the upside it has a 5 year warrenty on it so I can get a replacement, still the fact it's gone kinda sucks. In the end I lost 18 unimportant files; I've lost more due to my own stupidity over the years, heh

The final headache was at the same time the coolest and scariest thing to happen to me for some time; I had a migraine.
OK, not that intresting, but what I had was a 'migraine with aura' and what appears to be a text book case at that;
- Blurred vision (which I initally put down to being tired)
- My left hand then went progressively numb, working from my finger tips down to my wrist.
- It then jumped to the outside of the left hand side of my nose, progress downwards to my top lip, into my mouth and into my teeth on the left side, to the back of my mouth and then back to the tip of my tongue.
- Everything began to feel normal at this point.

The whole thing took about 20mins to happen before the headache hit me.. at the time I was kinda quietly freaking out, because frankly that ain't right, heh, however in retrospect it's a pretty cool if not strange thing.

I still went out that night, heh

Anyways, finally, about 5 days after I started I managed to look into the problem, and yes it turned out it was down to a missync between the two versions, now I've got the VM this shouldn't happen again and the SVN has been updated to reflect the change.

GTL isn't at a stand still, someone is currently looking into flipping DDS files as they currently aren't flipped over (or at least, probably not correctly anyways). I've also got plans to look into creating a Lua and .Net binding for it; the later being based on some code Washu knocked up on IRC a while back (which I found during my sort out) and the former just something I want to do for the hell of it and will exist as a Lua module.

Whole knows, maybe I'll get onto this tomorrow? [grin]

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