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I has pictar!

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Journal comment by Deyja
We click it. We don't see pictures. We leave.


How right you are!! Well, here's a fix for you all. Feast your eyes on my latest piece of work:

Ta da!! Everyone look at the pretty pictar! And now go check it out, because apparently this whole Flex thing is getting lots of people excited so why not see why? Don't forget to include your comments!

In other news, I still am struck speechless at the difficulty in finding lecturers for my Live Events program over at GI. I mean I can understand full teaching positions being hard to fill but come-as-you-please lecturers? Is there really an easier way out there to make $50 in thirty minutes (or $150 in 90!) by sitting in your chair and talking into a microphone?

I suppose I'm just not doing a good enough job getting the word out about the program. I've relied mainly on word-of-mouth to get things done, supposedly that's a powerful tool but it seems I'm not using it properly. I emailed everyone on my contact list, around 150 actual developers, and got like two responses.

I guess game developers are busier than I thought, and I thought I was busy! Tho to be honest, whether or not I'm technically yet a game developer is open for debate. But I digress.

Anyways, I'm open for suggestions. I really want to get this program rolling with lots more content because every event I give and every event other speakers give comes back with high ratings from our attendee surveys. People want more. More!! And I can't give it to them. How frustrating is that??
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I love Flex and find it a lot nicer to work in than Flash... although Adobe has cleaned up a lot of the shortcomings in the actual Flash editor. It is the perfect platform for casual games, and not only on the web as they will also run on the desktop with file access, etc using Adobe Apollo.

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