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Machines are something or other.

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So I got my spawner working right now. It's very primitive, and the rotations aren't in yet, and I forgot to bolt on a new skybox before taking the picture.

Here's a special one with a tight range and collision-rejection turned off; I think you'll like it quite a bit. Sort of like they're flying in formation.

With a wider range of placements and collision rejection turned on it looks more like a random cloud than like a piece of art.

You'll also note (correctly) that this is slow as hell. I need to write some culling code, stat.
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Looking good Rav. I'm continuing to follow your progress. How many polys are your ships?

Also, you probably already realize this, but I think that unwrapping your planet as a box rather than a sphere would remove the pinching of the texture. But then of course you wouldn't be able to take advantage of texture wrapping... Maybe a Quincuncial uv mapping would work, although I have no idea how to actually apply that at the moment.

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It's supposed to be pinched, it's a sphere map. I'm just testing out my materials system on it.

I have no idea how many polys the droidekas are; I need to get my own models in here. [smile]

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