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I love you gameloft

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I decided to buy Prince of Persia Classic a couple of days ago, and it is the best 800 Xbox Live Arcade Points I have ever spent [grin]

Gameloft have done an amazing job and the graphics are really nice and the animations flow so well.

The game is also addictive in that you get to see leaderboards of players all over the world and try to beat their scores. One of the modes you can play on is survival, where you have to complete the whole game without dying (those familiar with Prince of Persia may know how difficult this can be) but I finally managed to do it, and I went as fast as I could the whole time. My resulting score put at 10th in the world no less [grin]

Prince of Persia Classic

I expect over time I will drop from this place, but I don't think I could bring myself to try to do this again [smile]

Expect some more development related posts soon as I'm working on something a bit cool [wink]
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